Profits from First 100 Bottles to Fund Scholarships for Women

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC, November 15, 2016—Baltimore Ravens football great Ray Lewis will debut a limited 100-bottle edition of Ray’s Reserve, a unique bourbon and the first of four major alcohol brands to be released in 2017, 2018 and early 2019, through Daytoon Distributors, which Lewis co-founded and serves as Chief Executive Officer.

Daytoon’s first product, four years in the making, is aptly named Ray’s Reserve – a bourbon born in Baltimore, Maryland, and distilled and bottled in Kentucky bourbon country. Ray’s Reserve bourbon boasts a complex, smooth finish with a hint of vanilla and caramel, and has gained the bouquet, body and flavors that would make it a gold medal beverage of choice. The bourbon was bottled on May 15, 2016, Lewis’s birthday. It will be available to the public on February 1st.

“Greatness isn’t a thought process. Greatness is a lifestyle,” Lewis said in reference to building a new winning brand on a different playing field and bringing people together through a sense of friendship and community. “It’s time to reunite communities again. Now is a time for peace, for family and for friends.”

All profits from the sale of the first 100 bottles of Ray’s Reserve will fund the Time to Shine Scholarship & Internship Program for Women. This scholarship will assist both high school and college female students, specifically targeting women who provide financial support for their families, by giving them a hand up to improve their education, skills and employment prospects. Time to Shine Scholarships can also be awarded to female recipients who have overcome extraordinary obstacles, including poverty, domestic violence and drug abuse.

Daytoon Distributors is Lewis’s newest venture after a football career that spanned 17 years – all with the Baltimore Ravens – and included 2,061 total tackles, 13 NFL Pro Bowl Games and two Super Bowls.

Ray’s new brands will promote a lifestyle with charisma, character and class. These Daytoon brands will bring people back together to love and relax all over again, to enjoy life responsibly and to laugh and smile more than anything else.

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About Ray Lewis
After a football career that spanned 17 years – all with the Baltimore Ravens – and included 2,061 total tackles, 13 NFL Pro Bowl Games, and two Super Bowls, Ray Lewis is creating a new legend. Now Ray Lewis serves as CEO and co-founder of Daytoon Distributors, based in Wrightsville Beach, NC.

About Daytoon
Daytoon distributors, which got its start in Baltimore, MD, focuses on sourcing — and even producing — only the highest quality products that consumers can be both proud to own and delighted to share among friends. Daytoon searches the world over for special products and new creations that consumers will enjoy for years to come. And once we find the perfect item that’s just right, we manage every process from sourcing and production to packaging and getting it to the consumer’s front door. The Daytoon family carefully inspects every manufacturing facility and oversees production, packaging and shipping — all to ensure that every step meets our high standards as well as yours.
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Daytoon \dā-tün\ n (2012) 1 : a daydream that is finely tuned 2: the moment when the sun first breaks the horizon 3: a sublime goal that fosters greatness and transcends excellence